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Imagination Dust

Life's a Coconut

Love is sunlight
Laughter water
Peace is just the breeze
The sky, a roof
An island, home
Beside the seven seas.

Ants are visitors
Stars are contemplation
Nights are quietude
The moon is loneliness
Comets secrets.

The ocean is emotion
Tides are tears
Dreams are multi-coloured fish
That disappear.

Storms are concentration
Cyclones sorrow
Oxygen is free
An albatross is silence
Coral, society.

Sand is contentment
Rain fulfilment
Monsoons joy
Sap is serenity, rising through veins.

Monkeys are company
Peacocks surprise
Birds of paradise, beauty
Friends, fireflies.

A trunk is trust
Truths are seeds
Earth is education
Thoughts are leaves.

Clouds are choices
Stones regret
Thunder heartache
Branches solutions
Lightning success.

And sailboats are excitement
And peace is just the breeze
When life is but a coconut
Beside some emerald leaves.

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