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Imagination Dust


They built cathedrals out of stone
Not just for kings' rejoice
But 'tis the only way that's known
To sweet the human voice.

A million marble choristers
Musically one
From spires up to the cobalt
A small song.

So sing the Nunc Dimittis, sing!
Hear the echoes blend!
Hearken to the human heart
Heave, then heaven bend.

Stones weren't made to catapult
Stones weren't made to grind
Stones were made to make the Maker
Pleased with his mankind.

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Ch 2 Heaven
Ch 3 Angels
Ch 4 If I were an Angel
Ch 5 Eaglet
Mystery Thee
Tree of Conscious
Little Sparrow
Faith Hope Love
A Motto
A Happy Thought
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