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Imagination Dust


It took a child's eyes
To see through my disguise
Educing out my lucent soul
An eaglet of the skies
And so I soared above the plain
Ranging on a mountain where
The rivers flowed and snow-peaks bowed
Beneath my clawish toes
And I beneath this turmoil-foam
Of furrowed clouds like ocean churned
And there my feathers fused to stone
While clutching at my rocky throne
Until a million drops of dew
Unfell from Heav'n in unison
And some my porous soul absorbed
Till they out-poured from me again
And down I tumbled with the rest
A tree of rivulets and falls
Until we branched upon the seas
There re-acquainting other souls
Who mingled for millennia
Caring not the galaxies
Nor orbits, irrelevant and decayed
Nor erstwhile catastrophes
Until a threading cosmic ray
Laser-shone my DNA
And into throes of turmoil-foam
My laden soul effused once more.

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