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Imagination Dust


There is an ocean in the sky
An ocean full of love
Where glass lagoons of goodness stir
Beside the gentle dove.

Beauties and beatitudes
Expand vanilla blue
While cumulonimbus blessings
Inflate, infuse, imbue.

Milk and love are poured from jugs
By angels true and fair
With robes as white as lightning strikes
And rainbows in their hair.

While countless quintessential
Silver seraphs sing
Silk and satin sandpaper
Compared their tiny wings.

They chorus to crescendo
Hark those heavenly things!
Shouting out together
Their praises to their King.

Then bolder than a trumpet-blast
Purer than a bell
Sweeter than the sound of silence
Cherub voices swell!

All of these celestial spheres
Roll and orbit free
Like little pearls around the sky
Enduring endlessly.

While here on earth, through cracking clouds
(And fractured souls sublime)
Come rays like threads of gossamer
Of divine sunshine.

O God, O God, from your ocean
Home in heaven above
One small drop enough for me
One drop your sweet-blue love.

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