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Imagination Dust


I was a sculpture made of sand
Upon Savannah's ancient band
And while I stood upon this land
The wind finessed me with her hand.

And while the gale blew without
Some grainy features grew within
Until ice-sculptor's carvery
Deposited more symmetry.

Soon my balance grew refined
Hewn from earth so rustically
And reason-wheels of rhythm and rhyme
Did whirl within less randomly.

Then hardship gave my mind a heart
To bleed and bend and cry upon
The meaning of the crystal stars
Which circled all our suffering.

And only when my heart was done
My spirit soared into the sky
And there with others did it fly
While seeking out an empty throne.

And as we headlong flew and flew
Combining what we'd known and knew
We greeted other fleeting souls
Who flowed from out their estuaries.

Until we reached the nourished sea
Where we flourished for a while
Till finally we blew once more
Our breath upon Savannah's shore.

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