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Imagination Dust

Cathedral Wood

Blue Bells! Blue Bells!
Pealing through Cathedral Wood
Where the pious and the wistful come to pray
Where brave and stoic hearts do sway
Enrooted there their souls withstood
Once within Cathedral Wood
Where corrugated oaks bare lay
While chiming bluebells play and play.

Dreaming spires of beech and fir
On pillars branched across the sky
O'er sleepy pews, hewn from furrowed earth
Adorned with ornate curl of bracken fern
All mankind's dimensions held between
The dreamer from the world is lost to dream
And from the whirling winds of worldly sin
The fainting's search for shelter drives within.

Blue Bells! Blue Bells
Gleaming through Cathedral Wood
Unveil your ancient glory, hail
Grand old England's purple vale
Lit by a hundred thousand greens
Shone through sainted stained-glass leaves
Stand within Cathedral Wood
And let the light of life shine on thee.

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