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Imagination Dust


Battleships and butterflies
Sail in laundered blue
Circling like skylarks
And only clouds can do.
Pirate ships and galleons
Fill the ocean sky
Tumbling through the ethers
Of my mind's ethereal eye
Armadas of imagination
Painted in the breeze
With quills of condensation
Over sapphire canvas seas
Chase myriads of mermaids
Riding from their caves
Clutching powder unicorns
Atop the horn-rimmed waves
While titans made of bubbles
In quilted oceans dream
Of empires of vanilla
And cumulonimbus queens
Living in cathedrals
With feathers made of bricks
And mountain tops for minarets
And moats of cirrus mist
As dragons pulling canons
Fire cotton cannon balls
At ogres made of ice-cream
Perched on ice-cream castle walls...

...My soul floats like a butterfly
That flutters on the breeze
My thoughts grow in the canopies
- A million emerald leaves
My dreams unfold like cotton clouds
That blowing by and by
Do blossom in the bosom-blue
Of my mind's ethereal sky.

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Ch 2 Waterfall
Ch 3 Mountain Summit
Ch 4 Clouds
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