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Imagination Dust

Faith Hope Love

Faith is a mustard-seed
A single speck enough
To grow a million mustard-trees
From out a simple nut
Empires from imagination
Shining in the sky
Reflecting kernel-embers
Of a caveman's eye.
Hope is a cherry-cloud
Of petals pink and green
Blooming on the blossom-boughs
Of cumulonimbus trees
Oh what a spring it is that asks
No drop of rain from me
While sweet and supple emerald buds
Unfurl there endlessly.
Love is a pebble-stone
On a sapphire sheet
Little glass ringlets, Lord
Spreading at my feet
Like water stirred, Love's gentle deeds
Expand and orbit free
But still all interlocking, Lord
Concentric back to Thee.

##Faith Hope Love##
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Ch 2 Heaven
Ch 3 Angels
Ch 4 If I were an Angel
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Mystery Thee
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Faith Hope Love
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