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Imagination Dust


A diamond shines forever
Like sunlight in a stream
Splashing in the waters
Of my summer dreams.

Dreams of rainbow waterfalls
Arching round my head
Till opal stones bewitch, bejewel
The silver river bed.

All around, the crystal sky
Sheds tears as pure as pearls
Which fall upon the emerald earth
And swell the sapphire surf.

Rubies dark and red as blood
Beset the tyrant's throne
Who rules by his volcanic heart
Beneath a granite crown.

Such jewels bestowed, so long endure
Until eternity
When tears and stones and bloody thrones
All wash into the sea.

Till then I place my faith in flint
It kindles my desire
It lights my wood, and cooks my food
And warms me by its fire.

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Ch 2 Imagination Dust
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