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Imagination Dust

First Necklace

Hail brave spirit of the wood
Show me where the hunter stood
Piercing with his favourite flint
The heart of the white-spotted doe.

Hail bold spirit of the wood
Show me how they gathered food
A kernel on a wrinkled palm
Bejewelling russet leaves.

Ho wild spirit of the wood
Dare thou pluck an Eagle's claw
An ivory drop in Mammoth fur
To venerate your own?

Halt wild spirit of the wood
Dost thou tear a tigress tooth!
Out her scarlet sovereign mouth
To pocket in your inner wool?

Hey free spirit of the wood
Choose for me the shell you chose
In the watery place that made
You bend and kiss yourself.

Hail great spirit of the wood
Drink with me the warriors' blood
Garrotted with a crimson vine
A prince transformed into a king.

Halt lost spirit of the wood
Point me to your clockwork moon
Who smiling down her glorious beams
Guides the party home.

Hark fine spirit of the wood
Sing to me the songs you sang
Orange embers dancing round
Your rustic canvas skin.

Hail wise spirit of the wood
Teach me how you fashioned tools
A tooth, a shell, a claw, a vine
Honing artefacts of love.

Hush sweet spirit of the wood
Show me where your father stood
And stooped around your neck to place
The world and girl's first necklace.

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First Necklace