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Pottery Poetry

Pottery poetry, me in the midst
The pot, the poet, the broken bits
Clay words that splatter like grey lumps of matter
All baked in the brain of the red-hot bricks
Moulding and morphing and sifting and sorting
And stretching and sticking to each other bit.

The mind is a mine that can blow any time
A turret, a garret, a gunpowder palace
A castle, a mansion of gothic beauty
A manor more ample than Solomon's temple
With Lords in high places and ghouls in the bases
Entombed in their cases, no jailor the key.

A puzzle with pieces like freshwater nieces
Who play and then cry and then tease and then spy
If lucky, or not then a stamp and a dot
Is as much as you got until the next time
Yet sweet is the bliss like a princess's kiss
When the pieces all fit and the world is sublime.

Immutably mutable, legibly beautiful
Words and the phrases on all of the pages
A wish, a whisper, a vesper, a verse
With all of emotion like oceans in motion
So sweet the commotion that swells in the earth.

A maze is amazing for losing and crazing
A muse is amusing if crude and confusing
Imagine a magic more sombre than tragic
A critic explicit more often than tacit
A music arousing and twice as empowering
As Babylon's rising and towering and flowering
So water them, quarter them, nurture them, slaughter them
Whispering words of strange wisdom and wit.

Artisans! Partisans! Jokers in Martyrdom!
Mute, a muse, a rhythm, a rhyme
A prayer, a prattle, a plea and a dream
Bereft, adrift, betwixt, between
From a man on a boat in a sea in a storm
With a hole in his hull and the mainsail torn
And all of the sailors mean mutinous whalers
And none of them bailers, what can it all mean?

Stoical, musical, quite diabolical
Pilgrims all on a pilgrimage
Poverty, piety, no notoriety
Worse than a curse or a rare privilege?
Piety, poverty
Poesy, prophecy
Priceless philosophy
Pointless Godwottery
Literary lottery
Poetry pottery
Pottery poetry
All of the bits
Baked in the brain of the red-hot bricks
Pottery poetry
All in a mix
The pot...
The poet...
The broken bits.

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