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Imagination Dust

Diamond in the Sand

Could any words of mine, however placed
While falling pen to page, a diamond make
To shine eternally, with idle ease
Explaining me to me
Warming ruby veins
And smiling on a blighted race, who dreams?

There is a diamond here, I'm sure of it
Somewhere, upon this sand
Beneath soft silicon, sifting round
Yet will I ever stand
To hold it jealously
And feel that little key (how gloriously!)
Inside my hand?

Maybe if I wait, more patiently
Until an eon passed, then I might find
The coarser multitude - they on them
Would to a powder grind
Until the stronger stone - the jewel I seek
Stands all alone, and all refined.

There is a diamond here, I'm sure of it
That shines eternally, like sunlight on a sapphire sea
There is a diamond here
Somewhere, upon this shore
Amongst the sand, beneath the sky
There is one here, I'm sure.

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