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Autobiography of a Madman


Remember our cottage, home from home
White - down by the fiery sea
The places where we walked
Upon the beach that you once said
Was strewn with dragons' teeth?

There, through smoke and steam
Through rainbow's beam
We used to waltz and slide
Arm in arm, hand in hand,
With laughter natural as water
Smiling more than sunlight.

Now I stand alone
Lost - beside the deaf'ning sea
Till like the dragonfly
I flee...

In our cottage by the sea
The fire sparks and stirs
- Tis Memory
O sorrow hearth!
Why thine endless forge
Of Grief's gold
Too hot to hold?

Till by the dead of night
Yea, by its bright black light
Ghosts lie on my bed
As giants softly tread
The hallways of my head
And from the shadowlands
The shadowman comes calling me
Calling me and calling me
Haunting me and haunting me.

Till day breaks again
My heart breaks anew
I ponder on
Those places where you sat
- Your threadbare chair -
How my heart thrills to contemplate
Your own heart still quick-beating there.

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