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Autobiography of a Madman


Remember our caravan by the sea?
Nestled in nook of Welsh estuary
Where breakfast smoke did mingle neighbourly?
Well, let me tell you what it meant to me:

It's where we sat and supped our cups of tea
Where lambs among the ewes, murmured in the hills
And you and me, we mellowed with those sheep
Listening from inside, counting them to sleep.

Till morning owl, his friendly call without
Did overflow our hearts with inward cheer
We know he made his home within the oak
But never searched this cornucopia.

Then hopeful sun would brighten up again
And by her smiling warm our window frame
Remember where we stood with nose to pane
To glimpse the thrilling Aberdovey train?

Waging each new fearless August day
'Mongst gorse and hills and castles by the sea
Returning battle-worn and thirstily
To sit and sup our victory cups of tea.

With beach and bleach between our tangled hair
And merry thoughts linked arm in arm on arm
And all our fondness mingled in the air
And all our neighbours wandering to and fro.

Till gilded evening folded, quilted, in
We sat on Mother Nature's bended knee
And cast our dice and cards and did begin
To play our games of chance so carelessly.

Ch 1 Candles
Ch 2 Caravan
Ch 3 Nefarious
Ch 4 Rampage
Ch 5 Mother Nature
Ch 6 Swans
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