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Autobiography of a Madman

What can I?

What can I a sinner do
In this wilderness of shame
But search for an everlasting song
Beyond the realm of fire?

It is but a step to the end from here
To the end and the beginning
It takes away my breath
For a Dandelion minute.

So crown a king and watch him pray
On his knees at the end of his bed
For the want of a carnation in the wilderness
Listen to him beg.

A new voice sings
In wretched irony
Old earth revolts
Cold moon's sympathy.

And me and it and they and I
Squirrel hope away
In the hollow trunk that was his heart
For a better day.

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Ch 2 Prisoner
Ch 3 What Can I
Ch 4 Orchard
Ch 5 Broken Brain
Ch 6 Cut-glass Universe
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