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Autobiography of a Madman

Things One Cannot Do

One cannot lie in the face of Love
One must sit or kneel
One must fold one's arms in quiet prayer
Or silent appeal.

One cannot be false in the face of Love
One must be pure and true
Love dissolves a lie
As sunlight does dew.

One cannot be bold in the face of Love
Inadequacies laid bare
Face to face with feelings
Desire. Passion. Despair.

One cannot resist the face of Love
Nor hide, nor bear Her view
For She will evaporate all the world
Like lightning a drop of dew.

Ch 1 Poet Laureate
Ch 2 What is Love?
Ch 3 Blood
Ch 4 Names of Love
Ch 5 Elemental
Ch 6 No Sane Men
Things One Cannot Do
Lost Thought
To Write