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Autobiography of a Madman

Lost Thought

I lost a thought in the middle of the night
It passed right by like a boat with a sail
It went as quiet as a bird in the air
As unconcerned as the shell of a snail.

It surprised me more than a silver fish
As hard to grasp as a snake in a glide
With fangs of a viper half erect
And jaws that opened twice as wide.

It grew like a tree in the middle of my heart
That's why it gave me such a start
But blew away like a cloud in a storm
Till my mind, like the day, awoke reborn.

Ch 1 Poet Laureate
Ch 2 What is Love?
Ch 3 Blood
Ch 4 Names of Love
Ch 5 Elemental
Ch 6 No Sane Men
Things One Cannot Do
Lost Thought
To Write