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Pope Bede

Some laughed. The pontiff turned to them:

"Which came first, your heavenly father or your earthly father? Who then is an image of whom?"

Now a dispute had broken out among them, and from another place they called out:

"Is homosexuality a sin?"

The pope turned to them. "Who said that?"

A man was jostled to the front.

"From where have you come today?", asked the pope.

"The province of Janeira.", answered the man, "From the township of Manasus."

"Tell me, in Manasus, which is worse, homosexuality or homelessness?"

The man, feeling the eyes of many poor people upon him, answered according to his heart:


"Then return to that place and free it from homelessness. When you have done this, ask me again."

"Are you a prophet?", they said.

"No", said Pope Bede, "I am a sinner."

Some mocked the pontiff, "Why don't you tell us your sins."

"I will be judged with man, not by man, as Christ is my judge."

Still they were restless. "How do you know what you preach is true? How can anyone be sure?"

"I have faith.", answered the pope.

"What if you are wrong?", they shouted.

"About what?"

"About everything."