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Pope Bede

"Do not be concerned with the size of the house in which you live, but the size of the house that lives in you. The kingdom is a place in which anyone can build a cathedral in a single day."

"Why must we suffer?", they cried, "Why do war and disease torment the innocent? Why do earthquakes bury our children? Why does God allow suffering?"

"Suffering is the price of sin, which is the consequence of the freedom for which we have asked. Jesus said, 'Weep not for me but for yourselves, for the day will come when you will pray for the mountains to cover you.' Do not cling to the earth, a place of sin, but make preparations to be bonded in perfect love with God in Heaven. One day the sword will come that is sharp enough to separate the countryman from his country, the mind from the body, the body from the soul. Concern yourself with this day, which must be endured by all, for it will be more calamitous than an earthquake."

Others mocked, "With which God shall we be bonded, and in which heaven? If there is only one God, then why are there so many different religions?"

The pope replied, "God's house has many rooms, and as many windows as there are people. But know this: there is one door, and Christ the key."

At this one group proclaimed, "Do not listen to lies and nonsense. All religion is flawed. God did not create man in his own image. Man created God in the image of his own parents, out of insecurity. Why else would they say, Our father, who art in heaven!"