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Every day a sorrow
I have not loved (enough)
Your sacred smile
I have built a wall around my heart
Weakness is my predicament
Pouring victory and gold
Down the plughole of my life
Forever feeding
The 'greedy energy inside.'

Still, it takes a good man
To know a good man
And surely we can only recognise
That which we already know?
Goodness. Weakness.

White coats stalk
The padded rooms of the white house
Could I ever turn this suffering
Into a gift to heal others
Who suffer like me
But worse?

The gifts of leadership
If I only had them!
I would spend them all on you
All God gave me were tears
And you shall wear mine like pearls.

You beat them all
You beat them with the agility
Of a seventy-year-old child
Now, what would you have me do?
Give away this power
For that would be true power
Or forgive
For in forgiveness true power lies
And God has chosen you.
And in the end, what is forgiveness
But the power of Love?

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