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Contemporary Impressions


Whether we voted in or out
What surprises most
Is how our hearts were touched
More than we could know.

Expected were open-top buses -
Union Jacks - fair parades
It never happened, instead
It was like waking and finding roses gone
Even though they were not.

The mood was black-tie
The day Diana died
A whole-hearted public outcry
(They explained it at the time)
Death stirs grief collected in us all
Or, maybe we just loved her
The day the world ran out of flowers.

There's been a foul and no-one's happy
Neighbour set against neighbour
Colleague against colleague
Young and old
The fault-line lies in us all.

The Prime Minister stood and lead
Before the door to Number 10
When he said, I love my country, and again
The country that I love, in parliament
And touched our heart in ways we did not know
For when have we heard such words spoken so?

So take a leader from those who weep
Tears are truths
Let Love show what She can do
With this broken nation of ours.

Let GB be
Defined by her ideas
Her faith, her hope, her care
Not colour or kin
We are one family
And the world shall one day live as one
As Love is one with God.

Till then, let 'kindness consist
In loving people more than they deserve.'

As the world rests their eyes, observe
Britain shall lead once more
From her knees.

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