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Fusion Fete

Coconuts with straws
Straws are crowns today
Those with straws are king
People smile to see
People laugh to taste
Juices made from sugar canes
Surprising tongues
In plastic cups.

On a hollowed-out stage they dance
A cacophony of drums
Hearts beat
Children run
Like shooting stars
Society's concerto.

"The world's largest Naan bread is coming out of the oven!"
People rush and see
A flurry of ribbons and of rainbows
The record set! Burgers fry
Next door to Masala Dosa (it's onion pancakes)
...With ketchup
Fusion fete rules
All are neighbours here.

A mother is lost
One boy rubs his eyes
Policemen standing by
Balloons encircle
Citizens care.

Gulab Jamun, syrup sponge
Castles made of air
Under warm seas they dance on grass
Made of silk, playing Presley.

A mother is found
Four lads watch
Shirts, muscles, links of gold
Food & Women
Curious society whirls
The concerto plays
People stir
Pushchairs roll on the periphery of the fete
Too shy to enter.

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Ch 2 Shabby Man
Ch 3 Strike Me In The Face
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Ch 5 Miseries
Modus Tollens