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Autobiography of a Madman


No green leaf, nor ray of warmth
Fall upon forsaken swarm
Pray where the grains of kindness fall
In hay thrashed on the threshing floor?
Oh in that gale of straw to find
Some kindling or some kindred kind!
Who, while threading through the needle's eye
Would stop and stoop to heed the needy's cry?

Down by a river coked with rust and gold
The ribbons in my veins blow free but cold
In a place where regaled women and their men
Weigh nothing on the scales, all of them
I flitter in the sun
Forlorn, like a forgotten one
Forgive me, tumultuous town
Spare thy frown, Londinium.

Ch 1 Lone Bird
Ch 2 Londinium
Ch 3 Gorse
Ch 4 Hawthorn
Ch 5 Every Ditch
Ch 6 Depression
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Autobiography of a Madman