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Autobiography of a Madman


In a moonlit churchyard
A churchyard by the sea
I saw my lover's name there
Etched there: 'Emily'.

And all around, the willow trees
They wailed and wept with me
For the young one lost and found there
The young one, Emily.

While wind and ocean orchestra
Played trembling symphony
Upon their tragic bows there
That bowed and buckle me.

Then in that moonlit churchyard
That churchyard by the sea
I felt the sudden soul there
The soul of Emily...

Her eyes were all the stars that teemed
Teemed the crystal night
Her face was all the crescent moon
That beamed with soft delight.

Her thoughts were all the leaves that mingled
Mingled on the trees
Her dreams were all the sparks reflected
Off the purple seas.

Her voice was all the music mixed
Mixed on ocean's stave
Her heart was all the stones that rolled
Rolled beneath the waves.

Her heart was all the stones that rolled
Rolled beneath the waves
Her fears were all the bones that rested
Rested in their graves.

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Autobiography of a Madman