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Imagination Dust

[Layout ideas:
Lines radiating out across the page, or spiralling - moving as dust.
3D effect (how to preserve verses?)]
To a speck of dust in the sunlight
Up is as easy as down
Latitude has attitude
Longitudinal's more ordinary
Diagonal's disorganised
Gravity less troublesome.
Internity to externity
Protruding through the ether
Their rules are our rules
Magnetic, zenith-bound
Fire-filings towards the sun
Eddies become
Orbiting worlds
Watch how they ride
In chariots of chaos
Through ethereal ethers
With centrifuged insides.
Imagination dust -
They give, they take,
They live, they make
Spirals of sorrow
Arrows of delight
Their essence is slight
Conscience is resistance
Their air
Rare there
In the realm of the free - ah me!
Incandoxology is the art
Those who are lost show the way
The latitudinal
The longitudinal
The ziagonal
The paleotudinal
Others orbit somewhere
Around the umference...
The quazi-radaxial
The heliotropical
The illuminological
Circulonimbus is higher
Inorthodescence everything
Incandescence, fire.
As an obliterated diamond
Multiplies its faces
Specklets of sunlight
Live as shooting stars, in galazies
Some out, some in
Some sink
Some spin
Some swim.
To a speck of dust in the sunlight
Up is as easy as down
Radial's more sensible
Latitude has attitude
Yet to that dusty speck
Ortholateral's ordinary
Ziagonal is best.

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