Andrew Smith is a writer and poet working in Berkshire in the UK. Several original collections are offered here exploring themes of homelessness, emotional wellbeing, and the divine mysteries of art and love. Although serious in nature, there is also undoubtedly an emphasis here on having fun, and on doing something surprising with words. After all, in the words of T. S. Eliot:

  'The LORD who created must wish us to create.'


The original and striking artwork of Chandi Abay also features, particularly in the book Painted Poems. The ideas explored include loneliness and, at times, despair, yet also triumph and hope. Humble and direct, his extraordinary use of colour creates an immediate impact which resonates long after leaving the retina. In this respect, the poetry and artwork collected here are intended as a complement to each other.

  Visit Chandi's Website: www.artchby.co.uk